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10-Oct-2017 21:24

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Internet companies such as Google have strongly backed net neutrality, but many tech firms have been more muted in their activism this year.

Netflix, which had been vocal in support of the rules in 2015, said in January that weaker net neutrality wouldn't hurt it because it's now too popular with users for broadband providers to interfere.

They say the regulations can undermine investment in broadband and introduced uncertainty about what were acceptable business practices.

There were concerns about potential price regulation, even though the FCC had said it won't set prices for consumer internet service.

A federal appeals court upheld the rules in 2016 after broadband providers sued.

Big telecom companies hate the stricter regulation that comes with the net neutrality rules and have fought them fiercely in court.

That's really bad for freedom.''Net neutrality' was a set of regulations imposed in 2015 that classified internet service providers as common carriers, forbidding them from charging higher rates for preferential access to 'high speed' data lanes. But service providers said that it hamstrung their businesses, allowing companies like Google and Netflix to consume huge amounts of bandwidth without compensating the network providers.

The FCC in 2015 approved rules, on a party-line vote, that made sure cable and phone companies don't manipulate traffic.

With them in place, a provider such as Comcast can't charge Netflix for a faster path to its customers, or block it or slow it down.

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The net neutrality rules gave the FCC power to go after companies for business practices that weren't explicitly banned as well.

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