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She strove to be a perfect hostess and a perfect housewife.

She was very focused on homemaking.'The last five years I saw more of her and I felt that behaviour just intensified and she was focused on housework.' Mr Mullan asked how that would manifest itself.

The jury heard the emergency call made by Mr Fullerton, during which he said to the controller: 'My wife has attacked me and I've been knifed and cut and I'm dying I really think I'm dying.' He said his statement was given while he was 'drugged up' in hospital and on returning to the family home he realised his account of events didn't match up to the reality.

He added: 'My behaviour was driving her nuts.' Fullerton is also accused of assaulting her husband on various occasion between January 1992 and June 2016.

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Fullerton has lodged a special defence of self-defence and claims she was mentally unfit at the time of the alleged incidents. Mrs Hepburn said: 'She quickly flew off the handle about something I said.I told her I was going to hang up on her and I did.'I joked with my husband that Iain would get it in the neck.' When asked why she had made the remark, she said: 'I meant that, as she hadn't vented all her anger with me, Iain would be the next in line.' During cross examination by defence advocate Lili Prais, Mrs Hepburn said at times when she met the Fullertons she noticed 'marks' on them both, including 'bruises, black eyes and finger marks' on her and scratches on her husband.Liability for any content contained in a post is the sole responsibility of the person(s) who submitted them and the tube sites from where the content has originated from.

A woman who 'strove to be the perfect housewife' has gone on trial accused of attempting to murder her husband.

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