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(read more) SCRANTON A Michigan man who sent nude photographs to an investigator posing as a teenage girl will spend 18 months to four years in state prison. Furman, 55, of Midland, Michigan, was sentenced Wednesday by Lackawanna County Judge Vito Geroulo after pleading guilty in February to criminal solicitation.

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“We have three songs — three and a half songs done — that we’re excited about that will definitely make the record.some of the grandies upstairs near the bunk-bed room pajamas on unwinding problem-solving still full of energy after a long day spent enjoying and exploring the water and sand and gardens and lawn way up north on a warm and breezy michigan night. and melodic.” These were the words chosen — carefully, mind you — by singer/drummer Julien Ehrlich as he described Whitney’s debut album in as few words as possible, per my request. , released June of 2016 catapulted the Chicago-based Whitney from complete obscurity to near-ubiquitous indie renown, carving out a uniquely nostalgic place in the genre for itself.“When we were in Asia and Australia I was living super unhealthily, and basically wanted to cancel that tour,” Ehrlich explained. but bottom line, we’re just happy to be doing what we love for a living.” Now that the intensive touring is done, though, Ehrlich and Kakacek, the primary songwriters, can begin focusing once again on new material.

So far, “The (new songs) still have a similar juxtaposition as is certainly characterized by a very sunny sound, perfect for summer drives and lounging on the beach, but the lyrics can be disheartening, to say the least: “The songs that came super naturally were the the kind of sad sack ones,” Ehrlich said, of writing the band’s debut.Despite the nostalgia that hangs over the album, sometimes threatening to come crashing down on the listener, Ehrlich said “(Nostalgia) wasn’t anything we were thinking about.