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The current Master Director of France, Remi Boyer, was also the founder of LArc-en Ciel (1988) and its successor Groupe de Thbes / Cercle d'Alexandrie (1990), an international Federation of Initiatic Orders and Societies based on the success of the F. ; Few in number, they are in charge of the seekers for initiation. M, Centre Internationale Recherches et d'Etudes Martinistes, "charged with diffusing those communications of the group that are accessible to the profane". The ties between the Moscovite freemasons and the German Rosicrucians (Gold und Rosenkreutzer) were established around 1781-'82, when the Moscovite professor of philosophy and literature, , returned from a visit to Germany.

) in 1973 to work in silence for 25 years "corresponding to rosicrucian tradition" (?? The Supreme Council is composed of Unknown Superiors/Free Initiators ( S. The OMCC maintains fraternal relations with organizations who "perpetuate the Alchemical and Hermetic tradition of the Ancient Rose Croix". By their effective works, and their research, they prepare themselves for the transmission of this traditional heritage. I." Apparently there's a branch of the O*M*CC active in one of the Spanish speaking countries that is known under the name of : (Eques a Signo Triumphante) founded in 1784 several Rosicrucian Lodges next to the existing Masonic lodges.

Although an attempt was made by the new rulers to allow mysticism even at the court, Novikov and his circle would never fully recover to its former glory.

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In 1822, under the reign of Alexander I, Freemasonry was banned. Kaznatchev , who did not belong to the Masonic Order, discovered that his Martinist views were very close to the views of Novikov's followers, the"Theosophists .

C in 1973 allegedly took place after Caros visited a meeting of "the worldwide synod of Gnostic Bishops of the true Gnostic succession and communion" which was held in Liege (Belgium) between April 10 and 17 in 1973. Driscol was the connection between Barber and Caro with regard to the operations of the "autocephalous" Syrian Jacobite Church in which Caro was involved, amongst others. Barber was a Gnostic bishop in the Liberal Catholic/Mariavite Church tradition (de Palatine lineage) and a Templar researcher with the Augustan Society of Los Angeles. Officially the FAR C does not exist anymore (disbanded by Daniel Caro after his father had died), but there are small groups who are still working within the framework of the FAR C. Kotzamanis (who also leads the Order of Hermes & Orpheus) is responsible for the Greek lodge SAR HIERONYMOUS in Athens, Greece. The French branch of the OMCC was a member of this federation under the name of LORDRE MARTINISTE DES PAUVRES CHEVALIERS DU CHRIST.