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20-Aug-2017 14:31

Healthcare is a broad field with a lot of opportunities.There are few industries in which a person can work such varied jobs all in the same line of work.The additional responsibilities can make it even more helpful for them to have medical-specific training.Projected growth (2014–2024): 15% (Much faster than average) Education: Health Information Technician Associate's degree 2016 Median annual wage: ,040 Top skills: Medical coding, health information technology, ICD-10 Health information technicians who can process medical information and manage records will be paramount as Baby Boomers age and the number of new patients increases.

Don’t let the tests and assessments scare you off; there are plenty of resources to help you pass that pesky NCLEX exam.

With options ranging from medical assistant to chief surgeon, it can be a challenge just finding a place to start if this field holds your interest.

Whether you’re heading to school for the first time or you’re taking the leap and switching careers, you’re probably looking for an option that can get you in the field quickly.

Projected growth (2014–2024): 9% (Faster than average) Education: Radiologic Technologist Associate's degree 2016 Median annual wage: ,960 Top skills: Radiology, X-rays, patient care Radiologic technologists work with physicians to perform diagnostic imaging examinations on patients.

They work directly with patients to conduct X-ray or CAT scan procedures and use many types of medical machinery to obtain imagery.A sense of satisfaction from saving lives is just one of many perks of being a surgical technologist.

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