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After its defeat in 1871, France returned to conscription.In 1872 universal military service was reintroduced, but the law covering it did not apply equally to all.When active service ended, the conscript was placed in the active reserve until he was 35.Switzerland, with its citizen army, remained a notable example of universal conscription; all able-bodied men aged 20 underwent an initial training of four months, followed by eight periods of three weeks’ training until age 33, when they went into the reserves.During the 19th century the conscript system of recruiting troops became common throughout Europe, even in Russia, where there was a crude form of conscription bordering on impressment.Men unlucky enough to be seized went off for a lifetime of service.Conscription was selective rather than universal and produced about 150,000 new men for training each year.Called for a two-year term, the conscripts were made to feel that the army belonged to the nation and that it was an honour to enter it.

As in Germany, the overall effect was to cause the standing forces to be manned by members of the lower classes, while the better placed in society dominated the reserves.

After his defeat in 1815 it was discontinued, then reinstituted a few years later, but with restrictions.

Between 18, Prussia developed a conscript system based on the principle of universal service, which eventually became the model for the rest of Europe.

Modified forms of conscription were used by Prussia, Switzerland, Russia, and other European countries during the 17th and 18th centuries.

The first comprehensive nationwide system was instituted by the French Republic in the wars following the French Revolution and was institutionalized by Napoleon after he became emperor in 1803.

When a man completed his two years of service, he entered the reserves.

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