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Eventually I get tired of tinkering, and I declare the poem finished. I write a personal poem,; regardless of what the poem is about, it is likely to be full of "I" and "you." I write mostly short lyrics, but with a winding narrative that goes through them.While I work in free verse, I must admit that I am conscious of meter with every poem I begin. अमेरिकेचे प्रेसिडेण्ट आहेत बुश सुंदर मुलगी दिसताच **** राव एकदम खुष !! ***रावांची थोरवी मी सांगत नाही कितीही प्याले तरीही ते कधीही झिंगत नाहीत !! Helen Bar-Lev's poem Beauty sums up the reader's feelings as we reluctantly finish this special book: "and I,/the ingrate,/ ever insatiable,/implore you,/please,/ show/ me/more." Katherine L. This land seems to symbolize the eternal quest for harmony where forces of turmoil march ceaselessly. Cyclamens and Swords will become a treasured classic, echoing as it does so fluently, the longing, fearing and questing that marks these troubled times.

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And I am equally conscious of sound - the rhymes, chimes, and noises the words make.

Ibbetson Street Press, 2007 .59 To order: Born in Philadelphia (July 31, 1951) I've been a part of the Philadelphia poetry scene since the late 60s / early 70s.

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