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Many believe Iraq was only the first of Bush’s planned regime changes, his war cabinet having their eye on Syria, Lebanon, perhaps even Iran.

After a heady start with the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 (“shock and awe”) Bush declared victory for the first time — Mission Accomplished!

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With the semi-allied forces of the United States, , the Kurds, and local Shia militias directed against them, Islamic State could never hold territory in what was a struggle of attrition. Retaking Ramadi, Fallujah, and Mosul were the same set-piece battle the American army first fought in Vicksburg in 1863. No parades in Washington, no toppling of giant Saddam statues in Baghdad.

City after Sunni city were ground into little Stalingrads by air power and artillery (since 2014, the United States spent more than $ on its air campaign against Islamic State) before being turned over to the Shia militias for the ethnic cleansing of renegade Sunni elements. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi simply on December 9, 2017 the war which essentially started in 1991 over.

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Trillions had been spent, untold lives lost or ruined, but the U. A coalition of 73 nations and organizations (including Chad and Ireland, the vestigial list is still ) was formed to help, even though no one ever heard of them again absent a few bombing runs by the Brits.

Iraq War 1.0 The Good War The end of the Soviet Union transitioned the Middle East from a Cold War battleground to an exclusive American sphere of influence. Though often presented as a stand-alone adventure, Bush’s invasion was consistent with the broader post-WWII American Empire policy that fueled incursions in South East Asia and coups across South America when Washington decided a government needed to be changed to something more Empire-friendly.

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